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California Conservatorship

ca-conservatorshipConservatorships are created over adult persons who are incapacitated in some way. A conservatorship is a legal proceeding where a court judge appoints a responsible person (called a conservator) to care for another adult who cannot care for him/herself or his/her finances (called a conservatee). The person the Court appoints as conservator must prove to be very responsible and is not always a family member.

For over 38 years the Law Office of Christopher G. Smith has helped clients establish the following types of California Conservatorships:


California Conservatorship Services

  • Probate Conservatorship (Care) - Appointing a care giver and protector.
  • Probate Conservatorship (Financial) - Appointing a manager to oversee financial matters.
  • Limited Conservatorship - For a developmentally disabled loved one.
  • Mental Health (LPS) Conservatorship - For a family member suffering from a serious, biological brain disorder.


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